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interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Screener (ChYMH-S) Assessment Form and User's Manual, Electronic Edition


The electronic edition of the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health Screener (interRAI ChYMH-S) is based on, and intended to complement, the interRAI Child and Youth Mental Health (interRAI ChYMH) assessment instrument for both in-patient and community-based populations.


The interRAI ChYMH Screener can be used to assist with triaging as well as identifying the need for a full, comprehensive mental health assessment using the interRAI ChYMH assessment. The interRAI ChYMH-S can be used as a basic screener in multiple settings, including in-patient and community programs and services. The primary use of the interRAI ChYMH-S is to support decision making related to triaging, placement, and service utilization. Although it informs immediate care triaging, it is not a replacement for or an alternative to the interRAI ChYMH assessment and its associated Collaborative Action Plans (CAPs).


The interRAI suite of assessment instruments comprise an integrated health and social service information system that can be used to assess, respond to, and monitor the strengths, preferences, and needs of vulnerable populations. The interRAI ChYMH Assessment System is specifically designed for children and youth with mental health concerns receiving services in in-patient or community-based mental health programs. 

ISBN 13 :  9781622550944

Meðferðarleiðbeiningar frá interRAI: Til notkunar með mælitækjum fyrir heimaþjónustu, hjúkrunarheimili og öldrunarlækningadeildir 9.3


This Icelandic edition is translated from the English "interRAI Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) for Use with Community and Long-Term Care Assessment Instruments." CAPs are designed to help the assessor interpret systematically all the information recorded with the instruments' assessment forms. CAPs are not intended to automate care planning; rather, they help the clinician focus on key issues identified during the assessment process, so that decisions as to whether and how to intervene can be explored with the individual.

This book contains the Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) for use with the following interRAI assessment instruments: Home Care (HC), Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF), Community Health (CHA), Assisted Living Supplement to Community Health (CHA-AL), and Post-Acute Care (PAC). The CAPs in this book can also be used with the prior generation of the interRAI assessment instruments used in long-term care facilities (the MDS 2.0) and home care (the HC 2.0). 


This book includes introductory material followed by the CAPs themselves, which are organized into the four broad areas of Functional Performance, Cognition/Mental Health, Social Life, and Clinical Issues

ISBN 13 :  9781622550869

interRAI Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab) Assessment Form and User's Manual, Electronic Standard Edition, Version 9.3


This electronic edition of the interRAI Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab) Assessment Form and User's Manual contains country-specific examples for Canada and uses the English native to Canada. The interRAI PAC-Rehab is a key element of the interRAI Hospital Assessment Systems.  It is designed for use among adult patients who require rehabilitation or other forms of post-acute care. This includes patients who are admitted directly to such programs without prior admission to an acute hospital program. The interRAI PAC-Rehab Assessment and Care Planning System is a comprehensive, standardized instrument for evaluating the needs, strengths, and preferences of adult patients who enter a rehabilitation or other form of post-acute program. The interRAI PAC-Rehab is designed primarily to support assessment and care planning but it also serves to monitor progress across an episode of care, facilitating revision of care plans and discharge preparation.  The system may also assist in service administration and quality improvement. It is designed to complement and expand prior assessments performed in an acute care setting.  Some elements of prior assessments from the interRAI AC and interRAI AC-CGA can be imported directly into the interRAI PAC-Rehab.

ISBN 13 :  9781622550845